Hello everyone and welcome to my shiny new website. As a lot of my time has been freed up because of Covid-19 it means that I have been able to put this together, it feels very strange putting a gig page on it without actually having any gigs for the summer but hey ho, it’s the optimism that counts.

As like a lot of musicians, I am adapting to the life as an online musician and teacher. With all my teaching now online and a lot of cancelled work, it’s meant changing my working days and adapting to writing without knowing when I can play it live, and also to play with real life musicians. It’s been a whirlwind of a few months, but I’ve had 2 positives recently which have restored a bit of hope.

Number one being that I got to go to a REAL LIFE GIG!!! My good friends Janice Burns and Jon Doran (who you should check out because they are brill) did an outdoor, socially distanced gig in Newcastle, and it was so refreshing to hear live music again. Although I’m not sure when I will be doing a live gig again, it was affirming to know that venues are trying to put on gigs, and that their are audiences that still want to listen.

The second thing that I am super excited about is in the first week of August myself and the Balter girls will be taking part in Summer Studios. This is ran by Sage Gateshead, and allows musicians a week long residency to work on new material. Although we won’t be using the Sage building due to it being closed, the lovely people at Colbalt studios in the Ouseburn are letting us use their space to practice. It’s going to be so much fun being able to play and arrange new music together, and have some normality to the week again.

I hope that everyone is keeping safe and well at the moment, and welcome to my website.

H x

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