Heather Ferrier is an accordionist and clog dancer based in the North East of England. Originally from Stockport, Heather’s love for traditional music came from the Fosbrook Folk Education Trust. Starting at the age of 7, she learnt accordion, piano and clog dance, and proceeded in performing in festivals in the UK and Europe with them. At 18 Heather switched the North West for the North East, to study the Folk degree at Newcastle University. There she spent her years finding her style as a composer and arranger, ending her studies double majoring in performance.

Now based in Newcastle, Heather now plays in different collaborations, which showcase different sides of her musical palette. This includes contemporary folk quartet Balter, who in January 2020 released their new single ‘Erica’s’. and this year are taking part in Sage Gateshead’s summer studios. She also plays with Bodhrànist Callum Younger in their duo RŪNN. 2020 is a big year for the duo as it sees them release music from their new album HOPE, culminating in the full album release at the end of the year. Heather was also part of the group Superfolkus, led by Northumbrian piper and fiddler Kathryn Tickell, and in 2019 was asked to dep in Kathryn’s new project Kathryn Tickell and the Darkening. 

As well as performing, Heather also teaches accordion and clog dance in and around the North East. She has been a tutor for Music Partnership North for many years and has also taught and led workshops at institutions such as Sage Gateshead and Newcastle University.

2020 will see Heather not only release music with her bands, but also will be recording her debut solo EP, which will feature a mix of solo accordion and also with her band.

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